Athletic Feedback


“Yoga itself has personally helped me tremendously as a swimmer. The flexibility I have gained throughout my college career has helped me reach the next level in my swimming and made weightlifting much easier. My core and balance have greatly improved as well. Yoga does not only help me physically, but it also aids me mentally. When I am so stressed that I can barely function, going to yoga helps me to clear my mind and focus on my breathing and my movements. Krojo gives us a short speech at the end of each session that stresses things such as staying positive, working as a team, or believing in ourselves. I always come out of yoga feeling refreshed, relaxed, and strong.”

Emma Reaney

 13 time All-American, 200 Breaststroke National Champion and 200 Breaststroke American Record Holder

USA National Swimming team 2013–15

 Notre Dame Class of 2015

Yoga Steve’s yoga sessions have provided me with both physical and psychological benefits that have improved me in my sport, but also life in general. Before each session, Yoga Steve would give my teammates and I certain things to focus on, and that allowed me to relax and focus on my own psychological development and what I needed to do to get the most out of the session, and out of my day. Yoga Steve showed how much he cared about the team by coming out to our practice field during our practices, and cheering us on by our bench at games. Since he was so invested in how we were doing in our sport, we felt very comfortable with him during yoga sessions. He would design the yoga sessions to help us stretch muscles that were feeling tighter or more sore based on how our practices were going, which allowed us to recover quicker and further prevent injury, which ultimately led to success. He always stressed the importance of practicing yoga but avoiding pushing too hard during sessions to cause injury, which I think is very important. In addition to the sessions being psychologically and physically beneficial for myself and the team, they were fun because Yoga Steve is very laid back and can have a laugh!


Cari Roccaro

Houston Dash NWSL

University of Notre Dame All American 2015

Before I was introduced to Steve Krojniewski, yoga was not a big part of my life.  However, that changed once my team started working with “Yoga Steve” and we began to see the benefits almost instantaneously.  Yoga is an incredibly versatile tool that can help with your core, flexibility, poise and even concentration. For an athlete, these types of tools are essential and yoga is an excellent way to fortify them.  Personally I saw the results right away; I was running faster, cutting harder, and I was able to control my breathing better. Yoga Steve would also encourage our team with daily affirmations, which I found myself applying to the world outside of sports.  Yoga has not only helped me become a better soccer player, but I truly believe it has helped me become a better person as well.


Katie Naughton

Chicago Red Stars NWSL

University of Notre Dame 16


“My freshman summer at Notre dame coach Brey thought it would be a good idea to have the team partake in yoga sessions with Steve Krojniewski. Before this I had never participated in yoga and was unaware of what it could do for my body. After going through many sessions with Steve I could easily see the benefits it was having on me and my team. Steve spoke of the importance of taking care of your body through stretching, core work, and meditation for mental health.”
Luke Harangody
Notre Dame Basketball 2010 - Cleveland Cavaliers



“This fall I came to South Bend for the first time to help out with the Coaches Vs. Cancer swim clinic.  While in South Bend I was able to do a yoga session with the women's swim team and Steve Krojniewski. .  I instantly fell in love with the practice and the benefits it had on my body and mind.  I felt stronger (especially through my core), and more flexible.  Both of which are beneficial for sport performance.  I experienced new benefits in South Bend when I worked with Steve.  He challenged the swimmers and myself in some completely new ways.”  
Tyler McGill
2012 Olympic Gold Medalist


“When I was a student-athlete at Notre Dame, Steve instructed us in yoga as part of our off-season conditioning work. I found that it really helped my flexibility in my hips and shoulders, which are especially helpful to a baseball player, most of all a pitcher. However, Steve's instruction went above and beyond just flexibility as we also learned proper breathing technique and meditation that built my mental focus. I still use the breathing techniques when pitching to help refocus myself on the mound. I believe Steve is a great resource and think all student-athletes would benefit from his instruction.”
Will Hudgins
2012, 4 time Monogram winner in baseball, pitcher in the Washington Nationals organization


“I have been a runner, a half marathoner, for over ten years. I used to get injuries all the time, especially hamstrings, groin and a lot of muscle pulls and strains. Since I have included the yoga, which has been approximately two years, I have been able to successfully complete four half Iron Man races and a full Iron Man without any injury. Clearly, this is an important part of my training and I don’t think I could do a race like an Iron Man without the help of Steve and his yoga classes.”
Dr. Bilal Ansari
Head of Medical Oncology at Saint Joseph Hospital.


ND Lacrosse has entrustedSteve Krojo and TBY with using Yoga & Sports Specific Stretching to keep our student-athletes flexible and relaxed. It has been a key component of our drive to a NCAA Championship for the last 7 years”
Gerry Byrne
Assistant Coach Notre Dame Men’s Lacrosse


Steve Krojniewski (or as we call him "Yoga Steve" ) has been a great help with the South Bend Roller Girls. He attends multiple practices a month showing us some great yoga moves, as well as giving us massages on problem areas we may have ( ie: our backs, shoulders, calves, etc etc).
Steve has as well offered massages outside of practice. Roller derby is a contact sport and his massages have helped us get back to play quickly.
Candice Mansfield
Candi-land Massacre #314
Physical Training Committee Head
South Bend Roller Girls


True Balance Yoga and Steve Krojniewski’s techniques have taught our athletes discipline and methods of coping during periods of stress.  Additionally, the yoga positions have aided our athletes with core strength and stability resulting in faster performances in the pool.  You will not find a better instructor or someone more knowledgeable about their craft better than Krojo.  –
Brian Barnes
Head coach Notre Dame Women Swimming and Diving


“For me personally, yoga has played a significant role in helping with my injury rehabilitation. Krojo has provided instruction on posture and core strengthening that has been an important aspect of my recovery after bilateral shoulder surgeries earlier this year. Moreover, Krojo has worked with our team on composure, focus, and goal setting, all skills that have proven very useful for me as I confront the obstacles my injuries have presented me with.”

Kim Holden 

Notre Dame All- American Women Swimming and Diving Class of 2013  



Steve’s teaching is clear and inspiring. He knows how to modulate sequences depending on an

athlete’s sport, position, and stage in the training cycle. His classes are both modifiable, which means

they can serve a range of athletes simultaneously, and accessible—they meet athletes where they are.

Best of all, the energy of Steve’s teaching is perfectly suited for college athletes. It’s upbeat without

being singsongy, challenging without being heavyhanded. It shows Steve’s well of experience and it

will help your athletes reach their full potential.

Sage Rountree

Co-owner of Carrboro Yoga Company and the Durham Yoga Company in North Carolina.